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The Magnesium Chloride available in flake form has the highest concentration of actual magnesium. The flake is to be used in either a full bath or in a footbath soak if the full bath is not convenient or not available. This type of transdermal absorption of large quantities of magnesium through the skin is used as an initial cure type of application.

A 1-kg portion generally is enough for a standard size bathtub with a single person soaking for a minimum of 20 minutes. In certain circumstances, doubling or even tripling the flakes initially ensures a faster treatment. Magnesium level maintenance can be done with daily (topical) magnesium oil applications and if so wished, a weekly bath soak.

If footbath portions of 400-grams are used, a 20-minute footbath soak twice a week together with daily (topical) magnesium oil applications will suffice.

Remember, with the transdermal application of magnesium the skin will act as an agent to ensure that the absorption rate does not exceed requirement.

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