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In May of 2007 Dr. Mark Sircus and John Brookshire became acquainted while on a website discussing iodine. Dr. Sircus was interested in finding out more about the nascent form of iodine, which John had already developed in a consumable form. It was this discovery that caused John's company, Shield Bearer, Inc. to come into being.

Magnascent supplied Dr. Sircus with samples of nascent iodine and shared many reports of how it was being used and the results people were having with it. Over the next few years we had many conversations about the make-up of the new product, applications, and how to administer the product. Please see the links below to chapters about nascent iodine and a book that Dr. Sircus has written, particularly the nascent or atomic state of iodine.

 Here is a link to an excellent book resource on iodine and magnesium written by Mark Sircus

 Below is an excellent MP3 interview of Dr. Mark Sircus done by Adam Abraham. It starts talking about Magnesium but goes right into Iodine.

 ( Mark Sircus MP3 Link )

Here is a link to an excellent resources on iodine and magnesium in ebook formats

Brownstein, David. Iodine: Why You Need it Why You Can't Live Without it.
4th. West Bloomfield, MI: Medical Alternatives Press, 2009. Print.