Frequently Asked Questions on Iodine

Answer: One drop of 2% Magnascent Iodine equals .315mg, or a about twice the recommended daily allowance for the average person, though experts believe the recommended daily allowance may be insufficient for many. If you are iodine deficient, and looking to increase the iodine in your body, then you may want to take more, perhaps 3 to 5 drops per day. Your health care provider may recommend Magnascent Iodine to help with a specific health challenge, they will know the suggested dosage for such.

Answer: This iodine seems to work best on an empty stomach. It is also best to divide up the amount, taking it a few times during the day, rather than all at once. Many people find that taking it before breakfast, midmorning, and mid-afternoon is most effective. Some find that taking it in the evening interferes with their sleep. Please be aware that wakefulness may be the result of taking Magnascent Iodine in the late afternoon or evening.

Answer: We do not have any medical personnel on staff, and cannot give medical advice. Contact your health care provider with questions about this, preferably one with a holistic philosophy. We will be happy to discuss with them the information that other health care providers are reporting to us. Once again, we cannot provide medical advice.

Answer: We do not recommend anyone take 50 mg of our iodine during a day unless directed by their health care provider in a controlled situation. Magnascent Iodine is active in the nascent state which is unlike any other type of iodine. When authors recommend 50 mg. as a daily dose of iodine, they are referring to iodine that is usually in the form of Lugols’s liquid or a solid adaptation of Lugol’s. Magnascent Iodine is much more active than these other types, and therefore only a fraction would give the same effect at the 50 mg of Lugol’s. Work with your health care provider to build up the amount of Magnascent Iodine you are using gradually, in order to know how it is affecting your body.

Answer: Yes, on the 1 ounce bottle only, (one bottle refund) we will refund your money within 30 days after receiving the bottle back into our warehouse, if you are dissatisfied with the product. (shipment back to be paid by customer). Please call us to arrange the details of your return at 780-847-3498.

Answer: One of the most common side effects occurs in the first two or three days of heavy use of Magnascent Iodine, and that is a very mild headache. This usually goes away after the first two or three days, and often there is a report that "brain fog" clears up with this use. Magnascent Iodine supplies iodine to the thyroid in a way that is very easy to be utilized by the thyroid, and many people report that they feel results right away.

Answer: As with all supplements, there is the possibility for introducing too much into the body. Some physicians believe that iodine washes out of the body when not utilized after the first 24 hours. In the book by Dr. David Brownstein,Iodine: